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    Spacemaze was originally written for Dos using qbasic. The objective of the game is to fly a space ship thru a level and collect all the items that is spread around, to be able to proceed to the next level.

    Now I have started to port this game (which means a total rewrite, since basic and C differs pretty extensively =) to X-windows/Linux. The main platform is X-windows/Linux and Windows, but it shouldn't be to tricky to make it work on other Unix systems as well. The game uses the SDL library which is a cross-platform library designed to make it easy to write multi-media software.

    The goal of this project is to make a game that works as the original qbasic spacemaze, and when that's done, begin to think of new features to add to the game.

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    Not implemented yet.

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    Screenshotes from SpaceMaze:

    1 This is a picture of the original spacemaze for DOS, here running in a window under windows 98. In the top left corner you can see a gray landing place. This is where the ship starts and land when it have collected all the items on the level to proceed to next level.
    2 This is level seven at spacemaze for Dos. Here the ship has collected all the items and is now on its way back to the landing place. The blue walls along the right side of the level is magnets pulling the ship to the right, making it tough for the player to finish this level.
    3 Here is the first screenshot of the Linux version of SpaceMaze. The level is just a test level which I made for testing out the level code. The level demonstrates how boxes are able to change the landscape when you pick them up. The name of the level is test1.xml.
    4 Level test2.xml size 800x800. This level contains no boxes and can therefor be played for a very long time, if you got the skill that is of course.
    5 The first screenshot of the windows version of SpaceMaze. This version uses the new libxml2 version 2.0.0 so libxml will not be needed any longer. The port was made 2000-04-16 and the source will be updated as soon as possible.
    6 I recently upgraded the code from SDL 1.0.8 to 1.1.4 and played around a little with the new features brought with the new version. One exciting feature is that SDL now has support for more display interfaces. Now you can render the graphic using svgalib, aalib and GGI which means that you are now able to play without having to use X.

      To demonstrate this I took this screenshot showing two instances of SpaceMaze running. One using normal X for rendering on level test1.xml, and one using aalib, a graphic interface that draws the graphics using ASCII characters, on level test2.xml.

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    This section is under heavy work. And hopefully in a later version of this webpage you will be able to see the current status of the project, where it is heading and where it is at the current point of time. Right now you can browse the source code for SpaceMaze in a more webbrowser friendlier version and see which systems SpaceMaze is currently known to compile on.

    For information on how to download SpaceMaze see the Download section.

    Currently known platforms SpaceMaze compiles on:


    If you know of any other sytem that SpaceMaze compiles on that isn't included in this list, please mail me ( and I will add it to the list.

    Source code for SpaceMaze:


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    Used libraries:
    Lib Name Version Homepage
    libSDL Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.1.4
    libxml2 GNOME XML library 2.0.0

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    No release of this game has been made yet. Check out Spacemaze at Sourceforge for more info on downloading the game when it has been released or check below. To try it out now you need to download the source and compile it yourself. Make sure you have the required libraries needed for compiling, for more info on this check out the Requirements section. You can find the source for spacemaze at ftp or www.

    For browsing of the code I suggest the Development section.

    Download binaries:

      spacemaze_0.9-alpha1-2_i386.deb woody (Not an official Debian package)

    Download source code:


Description News Screenshot Development Requirements Download

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